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Dear Interested Believer:
I am now ready to put this study out for the second time. We have made some revisions and hopefully corrected more of the bad English....but just remember, the author of these notes made a C- in Grammar. Just take all of this into account.
We have put I Peter and Colossians, plus we have added Genesis 1,2,3, which I think are theologically most important for the day in which we are living. I cannot tell you how important it is that you begin slowly in I Peter and follow the verses slowly and methodically. Ask the Holy Spirit to use these notes as a “guide” and “help” into His Word. Most or many of these notes are not original with me, but the results of listening, reading, writing, putting together these Bible truths. I would give credit to certain men, but afraid that I might leave out the person from whom they got their notes.
There is no charge for these studies or for any of the other studies. As long as I can finance these studies, then fine. Should you be impressed by the Holy Spirit to help, then rest assured that ALL of your gifts will be used to send these studies to others, who might not be able to assist financially. I like “not charging” for these studies. It purifies my motives and keeps people wondering as to why we would go to this trouble and expense to send these studies out. It is possible that as you read and study that you will also come to the conclusion that we “don’t charge” because they are not worth it. That is fine also. Personally, I believe the Holy Spirit will use these studies on “whom He will use them” and I let everything else rest.
I would appreciate your comments and if you would like in the future, I would be happy to send you one little volume entitled MANUAL FOR BELIEVERS with certain studies that deal with suffering and how a Believer Biblically handles these matters. These are “not” “bless me” studies, but hard, mean, to the point studies on different aspects of suffering, pain, difficulty, how to handle it, how to use it etc. We are just completing studies on The Biblical Approach To Child Raising. I preached for over 25 years before I had any real clue as to what the Bible taught on this subject. [you can tell what I was doing with my time as a minister] We have also just completed study on COMMUNION and BAPTISM. Following this study, Joyce [my lovely and great wife] and I had to make some severe changes as it related to communion. What happened was that “I preached myself under conviction about Communion.” By the way, we also have a study on MARRIAGE, THE BIBLICAL APPROACH. Had I understood this subject before I got married, I most likely would have waited. Again, you must understand that when I got married, there was only one book to my memory in the bookstores on Christian marriage...and it was written by a man by the name of Lowery, who really did not have much more sense than I had on the subject. Marriage for a believer was so subjective in the old days. [25 to 35 years past] If she said she was a believer, could sing in the choir and liked church suppers, then you thought this was IT.
Thanks again for reading this. God bless you as you get your brain in the Word. Ask the Holy Spirit to take OBJECTIVE TRUTH which is nothing but a phrase for Bible Study and create in you a SUBJECTIVE EXPERIENCE. [this is nothing but getting “happy” and “shouting” because of Bible Study] There is nothing in the world like “experiencing truth.”